Why Is Marriage Important?

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    Pat Ashley and husband VernonMarriage is important because God designed marriage to fulfill His purpose in completing the man that He created. In Gen. 2:18 God looked at man and saw that he was without companionship of his own kind and God said, “it’s not good for man to be alone.”

    God gave Adam a wife and his role was to love, nurture, cherish, and protect her. He gave Eve to Adam and her role was to be a Godly helper, to honor and submit to his leadership. When a husband and a wife function in their roles as God intended they are both blessed and they serve as an illustration of Christ’s relationship to the Church.

    This year my husband Vernon and I celebrated 43 years of marriage. It wasn’t until we accepted Christ and began to live by biblical principles that we experienced the fulfillment that God promised. Many of our lessons we had to learn the hard way but we were committed. When we did it our way it was not fulfilling at all. But when we submitted to the Word and began to function in our God-given roles, we experienced what God promised. The Word works! We just have have to work the Word!

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