Love lives on forever. Be blessed by Pat’s loving tribute to her late husband Vernon.

Pat Ashley’s Loving Tribute In Remembrance of Vernon Ashley
In a moment of inspiration, Pat’s letter reflects how God used the Word to speak to her about the after life for the believer.

Vernon is more alive than he has ever been in his life here on earth. 
Vernon is not dead he is asleep. 1 Cor. 15:51 a restful sleep. His body is sleep until the day of resurrection. The Lord Jesus received Vernon’s spirit. Today Vernon is in Paradise with Jesus. 
As Vernon’s  body is asleep, his soul and spirit woke up in the arms of God. 
Vernon  was engulfed by love and peace. 
God sent an angel to transport  Vernon to Heaven. 
God gave Vernon positive encouragement that heaven was waiting to receive him. 
Vernon has a glorified body and he is alive forever more.
 Vernon’s greatest friend was death, it was his way to God. Death was a gift to Vernon it gave him the gift of eternity. Death was his escort into the presence of God.
Death introduced Vernon to riches eternal. 
Vernon received a right to the tree of life. 
Vernon is in the land of “no more good-dyes.”
Death was Vernon’s doorman and escort, his parking attendant who valet parked his remains. 
Death was not a monster for Vernon but a minister. 
Jesus safely led Vernon from earth to heaven. 
Jesus was able to lead him because Jesus have gone Himself. 
Vernon’s death was the route to a better land. 
Death was the chariot that God sent to bring Vernon to Himself. 
Jesus went to prepare a place for Vernon, Jesus came and received Vernon  onto himself. Now Vernon is where He is. Vernon finished his work on earth and Jesus had been working on his mansion, He finished it.
Vernon is truly at home now with the Lord. Vernon didn’t leave home, he went home. This earth was a foreign country. God gave Vernon  dying grace. God graced Vernon to face his last enemy. 
Angels were assigned to escort Vernon  to his destination. Vernon’s  mind and memories are all clearer than ever before. Today Vernon loves Vernon loves you Patricia with a fonder, sweeter and pure love. His love has been purified by God. 
Vernon’s death broke our ties here on earth but renews them in heaven. 
Vernon was tired and he needed to go to sleep. Vernon is blessed because he died in the Lord and he is resting from his labor, his deeds followed with him.
His deeds will never be lost in the annals of eternity, his godly deeds will reverberate for all of eternity.  
Vernon  is blessed because he died in the Lord!
Vernon is beholding God’s face in righteousness, he is satisfied with His likeness. Vernon went from a tent physically to the palace. Vernon is dwelling in a building from God he is in a building not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. Vernon finished his pilgrimage. Vernon will not return to us but we will go to him. It was OK for Vernon  to go because Jesus had already gone before him. Jesus was his forerunner. Vernon’s anchor was fastened to Christ Jesus and He guided him safely into the Holy of Holies. 
Jesus is more powerful than death and He led him safely into the harbor.
What is so powerful is the contribution that Vernon made as he lived a full life while here on earth.